Fantasy Tree Festival sprouts Christmas Joy

By Claire Schmidt SUGAR BEET   The Christmas season is one of giving, a time where people take a step back and do things out of the goodness of their hearts, things such as... Read more »

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Volleyball shows off at scrimmage

he Lady Buff Volleyball Team served up a new season beginning August 18 with four seniors returning. Even though the official first practice wasn’t until mid-August, the team... Read more »

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Into the mind of a new student

Moving from a school with a population of two hundred students makes a big difference when you are now one out of over two thousand youth in a building three times bigger then... Read more »

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Life after school dances

With school back in session it means the start of many things : Friday night football games, late nights of homework and the ever so famous school lunch. However, one thing coming... Read more »

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