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September 16, 2011 • Frank Angel, Writer  
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As colleges become increasingly selective in admission standards, one thing they look for is community service and involvement. As many nation-wide clubs and organizations focused around service have made their mark on Garden City High School, one remains unique as being established by actual students; Students For The Future.

“Students for the Future was formed in frustration with certain clubs not offering the community involvement many students wanted,” Luis Delarosa, a junior at GCHS, said. “Students for the Future was started by Alex Villagran, Andres Rivas, and a group of other students who now hold offices in the club.”

Although many students may see community service in a stereotypical view, such as highway clean-ups and litter patrols, Students for the Future has done many other activities that might not fall under this view.

“Since our establishment in April 2011, we have helped with the Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP), organized clothes for disaster victims at Bible Christian Church, and helped at a children’s fun night at Florence Wilson,” Villagran said. “We have also helped with planting and gardening at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, participated in the Do Something Scavenger Hunt (a worldwide event in which Students for the Future ranked #70 out of thousands of teams), and set up a food stand at the Mexican Independance Day Fiesta. As of now, we have two main events we would like to plan in the following year.”

Although many clubs may require a  membership fee and several other initiation rights, Students for the Future is not that type of club.

“There are many ways someone can join the club,” Rivas said. “Usually, people join because their friends are in it and they show up to meetings. Sometimes, people just tell a member of the club and they are given information as to where to go for meetings. There is no “joining” in a traditional sense; we hold meetings that anyone can attend.”

Despite not having the traditional membership sequences another club may have, Students for the Future does require active participation and fair treatment.

“Anybody can join the club, as long as they are willing to participate in our events, and be respectful to other members of the club,” Villagran said.

Students of GCHS wishing to recieve more information and stay updated on the club may ask the above mentioned people, or any other member of the club, to add them to the “Students for the Future” Facebook group.

“What is important to know is that much information is given to people on our Facebook group,” Delarosa said.

Students looking for a club that provides the tools to a good college resume, a way to serve their community, and opportunities to make new friends may look toward Students for the Future.


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