Fisherman rescues dog at sea

January 20, 2012 • Chelsea Jackson, Staff Writer  
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A lot of people say there’s no such thing as luck, but Rory O’Connor just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. While kayaking in the Siesta Key, the typical vacation quickly became so much more.

It all started when Blake Talman fled the scene of an accident, only to wind up in another accident. At the time of the accident, Talman was under the influence of alcohol.

After fleeing the scene of the first accident, Talman hit  53-year-old Donna Chen and her dog, Barney. The two were out for a jog at the time of the accident. According the highway patrolmen, Chen died at the scene of the accident but Barney, the Hungarian Vizsla pup took off running. It is believed that Barney took off running out of pure terror and fear, trying to escape from the whole nightmare.

One mile later, and half a mile out to sea, O’Connor spotted Barney swimming and managed to get Barney into the kayak, although the pup was suffering injuries and bleeding still at the time.

After Barney was rescued at sea, O’Connor brought the terrified dog to land. Despite the fact that Barney lost his owner and best friend, the dog is still extremely lucky to be alive considering the conditions of the event.

Talman, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. In response to Talman’s drunk driving accident, he was charged with DUI manslaughter. Talman will be held at the Sarasota County Jail without bail.

Although the  Chen family suffered a terrible loss from the accident, the family still holds onto a piece of Donna; Barney. After receiving information about Barney’s experience and family, O’Connor made it a point to get Barney home safely.

At the time when O’Connor discovered Barney at sea, he was currently using a video camera to record his fishing adventures on the kayak, and managed to catch the rescue on camera. After the incident and Barney’s rescue, O’Connor uploaded the footage to the internet. The video can be seen on youtube.


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