iPhone not so “phone”omenal

February 1, 2012  
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Cameo Colson

Sugar Beet

The iPhone, it’s suppose to be this wonderful, all doing, all know, smart phone. And while it can hold your songs and you can download games and you can get on the internet (what phone cant do that these days?) it lacks the simple necessaries of an actual phone.

This phone is basically an iPod that one can make phone calls from, with the iPod you can actually download a texting app, so the only real difference is that the iPhone can make phone calls.

The price for the data package (send/reciving pictures, 3G access, streaming video ect.) isn’t exactly a big draw, for 200 mb (about 7 sent and recived pictures) its $15 a month, for 2 gigs its about 15 web pages for $40 a month and for 3 gigs, its $40 a month and you get about 20-23 web pages a month.

The internet access is limited at best, regardless of what data package you have, 3G is internet access everywhere but you have to pay for it, wi-fi is free but you cant access it everywhere and most of the time you have to have a password and even then the password

As for battery life, you can count on the battery being half gone by noon and down to 20% by 2. Everything sucks the battery life out of this phone.

Of course the iPhone has its high points, for example, the sound quality is fairly good, on other phones there are three sound volumes, speaker, almost silent, and silent. On the iPhone the volume has many more settings and the sound is clear. The photos that can be taken with the iPhone are clearer.

Games are another high point of the iPhone, on regular phones you can have about 3-5 games but on the iPhone you can download roughly 148 games and other apps, of course to get the apps one has to have the internet.

As a whole, the iPhone is basically an iPod touch that makes phone calls, the price for the different data packages is crazy, the internet access is limited and inconsistent.


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