Message in Religious YouTube video causes controversy

February 1, 2012  
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Hillary Hurtado



The internet is open for many things, music, games, social networks, and videos. On one paticular website, youtube, a video posted about religion has made some controverisal statements. Throwing many people into a world spin of mixed emotions. The video called “Why I hate Religion but Love Jesus” was one of the top streaming videos within the first fews days that it was posted.

People from all over the world have watched this video with it already getting 16,368,656 views. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention then listen to a few of the lines spoken about false religion.

“ Religion might preach grace, but another thing they practice, To ridicule God’s people. They did it to John the Baptist. They can’t fix their problems so they just mask it. Not Reazling that religion is just like spraying perfume on a casket.”

Strong words, that many people either agree with or disagree. Personally I believe it gives a perspective on something that many people don’t want to hear. It tells the truth of how we as people have started to look at religion. Consider the people who go into church and feel like an outcast. Who feel like they aren’t welcome, because they see one person in the church who acts a certain way for show and then is a completely different person somewhere else. How exactly should people react to that. This video brings into perspective that if we can’t practice what we preach then how can we say it.

“He speaks out about the flaws in what we now call religion. Religion does contadict it’s self multiple times,” sophomore Madison Hickman said.

If we won’t live it out, then how can we say we believe it. We as people look at religion as something like perfection. In the sense that people come and act like they do nothing wrong. Yet in a way that’s the mask we wear. I believe that this video gives people a good perspective on where they stand, in their beliefs. Even if it challenges some people, it is a good reality check that needed to be given. Wheither or not you agree with the words spoken they all were very powerful. They give each of us a different perspective to look at. It shows us the difference from belief in a “religion” and believing in Jesus.

All in all this video gives a great perspective on how religion is now. It makes you think about what you believe in. I think it was a big wake up call to people all over getting them out of their “religious” ways to remember what they believe in. Even if this video brought up some controverisal things it gave people what they needed to hear, a wake call.



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