Dancing by Ourselves? (Are School Dances a Thing of the Past)

February 20, 2012 • Allison Doll, Writer  
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Will school dances be left behind when we make the transition to the new school next year?  It appears this will not be the case, as long as the student body wants to continue to have school dances, and cooperate to have them they will remain a tradition.  This rumor is among many other new school rumors that have been circulating the halls all year.

“We will definitely be having school dances next year at the new building, but we are not exactly sure where,” head principal James Mireles said.

The idea for next year is to hold dances in the commons area because it has plenty of space.  As for prom, while not finalized, having prom at the Clarion next year is being weighed as an option. Though having no dances at all is just a rumor, there are still problems with school dances that are being looked at.

“There are problems we are trying to address with the current way dances are going now, but we are trying to come up with solutions so we can fix them next year,” Mireles said.

The current problems the school is running into with dances include there is not enough light to identify someone who is causing trouble or  see what’s wrong if someone has a medical emergency.  Another problem is students creating something similar to a mosh pit while they are dancing; this again would make it hard to reach someone who is having a medical emergency.  The most recent problem was during the Winter Homecoming a student was lifted up off the ground and was passed around, similar to crowd surfing at a concert. This seemed like it was all good fun at the time but what if the student was dropped?  The student could have been injured and it would have created numerous problems for the school.  Luckily the student was safely returned to the ground and the dance presumed.

“It all comes down to the safety of the students. Our biggest issue is how can we keep it safe and still fun.”  Mireles said.

Some schools in Kansas have recently put restrictions on what kind of dancing will be allowed at school dances, the most common result of this has been decreased attendance at dances.  One school just quit having dances.  Though this restriction has not been one of the options for next year many students fear that it may be implied in the near future.

“If we were to implement dancing restrictions, I probably would still go to dances. It just depends how extreme the restriction is,” freshman Katy Doll said.

A lot of things will be left behind next year as the transition to the new building occurs, but for right now school dances are here to stay.


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