Do we depend too much on technology?

April 7, 2011 • Kayla Doll, Writer  
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Nowadays, we use technology nearly everywhere we go.  We use computers in businesses, hospitals, crime detection, even flying planes and around 82% of Americans own cell phones.  Technology continues to advance and improve as we grow older, and it’s easy to question whether or not we are too dependent on it.

One of the biggest sources of technology in the world is computers, and the internet that comes along with them.  It provides fast and easy information with the click of a button.  Every school, business, and nearly every household as well owns a computer these days.  Social networking sites are very popular with millions of Americans today.  Sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter allow us to communicate with others around the world, and even meet new people.  This has it’s ups and downs.  I think it’s great if you have family or friends who live far from you to be able to stay in touch over the internet, but I definitely think there is a downside to it too.  When you’re online, it’s easier to say things you might not say in person.  Many people often meet new people online and get to know each other that way.  I think it’s better to get to know someone in person.  Introduce yourself, start a conversation, and go from there.  When you’re online, you can’t be 100% positive the person you’re talking to is who you think they are.  It’s easy to fake an identity over the internet.  I also just think that’s the better way to start a friendship or relationship, by meeting each other in person where there is no screen to hide behind.  So in this case, I think we definitely depend on technology too much.  Rather than taking the time to meet someone, we instead settle for online chats too much.

Another big technology source in America is cell phones.  Most of us carry them everywhere we go.  School, work, shopping, the gym, we always have that cell phone nearby.  Cell phones are definitely an advance in technology that have made communication much more convenient as well.  Rather than only being able to make calls off of landlines, we can transport the cell phone and use it in nearly every part of the country.  Cell phones are advancing quickly, as now most of the newer versions have internet, games, and more.  I think we do depend on cell phones a lot more than we should.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a cell phone and using it regularly, I just think that we get so used to having them that if they were ever taken away, we would be in shock.

“I think we rely on technology way too much.  If computers were to crash down or cell phones taken away, our world wouldn’t know what to do,” freshman Alex Miller said.

“Yes, we definitely rely on technology too much.” agreed English teacher Catherine Beddow.

We use technology for so many things these days, I think our world really would be in shock if it was all taken away one day.  We wouldn’t know how to deal with a lot of things.  Many years ago, people got along just fine without the technology we have now, so it is possible to live without.  I think it’s great that we have it all available to us, but I do think we depend on it a little too much.


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