Nicki Minaj enrages Christian community

February 20, 2012 • Jeff Bogner, Staff Writer  
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Sunday night marked the “biggest night in music” as the 54th Annual Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  There were many performances, including Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Adele.  While these standout performances were astounding and left fans in awe, Nicki Minaj went over the edge with her performance of “Roman Holiday.”

The performance started out with a man portraying a priest and Minaj sitting in a scene symbolizing a Catholic confessional.  Minaj started by rapping the start of her previous single, “Roman’s Revenge.”

The plot continued with a video of a house where Minaj’s troubled alter ego, Roman Zolanski, is supposedly possessed and a priest came to perform an exorcism.

This performance was offensive to me, as a Catholic, because it mocked my church.  Minaj has been very quirky and different in the past, but she crossed the line with this performance.  Minaj was trying to be too much like Lady Gaga, and ended up looking trashy and pathetic after this ordeal.

After the introduction of Roman in the video, the scene shifted to stage right at the Awards show.  The setting is made up of fiery columns and a platform with Minaj cuffed to a pillar in the center of the scene.  The background TVs were made to imitate stained-glass windows of a church.  She continued the performance, and as she performs “Roman Holiday,” she implements vulgar acts on her dancers, dressed up as monks.  By the end, a man dressed as the Pope walks on stage and performs an exorcism on Minaj, trying to rid her body of her alter ego Roman Zolanski.

“I’m not Catholic, but I think it’s very offensive to most religions because it’s taking someone with deep meaning in the Catholic religion, and belittling them and their meaning,” junior Libby Sanders said, “I also think it was a publicity stunt.”

If Minaj was looking for attention, she certainly got it.  In a statement from Catholic League President Bill Donohue, he predicts that Catholic the Catholic reaction will “only embolden Catholics, as well as their friends in other faith communities.”

Whether you’re Catholic or not, Minaj showed a sign of disrespect to religion in general.  She was merely trying to gain attention for her actions. This performance undoubtedly was meant to enrage Christians all over the United States.


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