Student Athlete Expectations

November 10, 2011 • Kayla Doll, Writer  
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There are many different things to get involved in as a high school student.  One of them that many students take part in is athletics.  Sports are a fun way to be active and compete, but once you put on that jersey you’re not only representing yourself anymore, but the whole school.  Student athletes are normally held to high standards inside and outside of school.  People in the community often recognize high school athletes in public and online, so it’s important that they are behaving appropriately.  As a member of a high school team you are representing your school and are expected to do so properly.

There have been times where student athletes have gotten into trouble because of what they post on the internet on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The internet is a place where thousands of people can gain access to you and what you post online, so think twice before posting something that will possibly result in trouble.  The wrong things posted online can lead to severe punishments and possibly being kicked off the team.  In my opinion, it’s not worth it.  If you’re a true athlete who cares about the sport, you wouldn’t risk having to give it up because of something posted online.  I understand where coaches are coming from when they punish their athletes for inappropriate internet posts, but I believe that they should give the athletes freedom as well.

The internet isn’t the only place where behavior matters, you are seen by members of the community nearly everywhere you go.  In restaurants, stores, businesses, and even the newspaper, many local people recognize high school student athletes.  It’s important that you are well-mannered and act appropriately because it reflects the team you play for.

Not only should student athletes keep themselves in check outside the sport, but during the game too.  The way you handle bad referee calls and losing a game says a lot about the kind of person you are, as well as your team.  Winning is important, but throwing a fit because of a loss isn’t doing anything but making yourself look bad.

There is often controversy about how much a coach should be responsible for punishing student athletes, but in my opinion, I think they have a right to do so within reason.  If athletes want to play bad enough, they will stay out of trouble.  The high expectations are part of joining a high school team, but if we didn’t have them, who knows what kind of teams we would have today.  Respect is important, and without consequences we would have a lot less of it.


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